Sunday, 7 April 2013

Origins Brighter by Nature High Potency peel pads

I hadn't read any reviews on this product before I bought it, which is rare for me, ass I don't usually splurge on anything like this without reading a few reviews. But on speaking to the lady at the origins counter in Boots Chester, and describing what my skin was like (combination/acne prone) she was very enthusiastic about this product, and I can see why!

It's not specically for anyone who suffers from acne or problem skin, but its one of the best finds I've had in recent months. It completely smooths the skin and makes it feel so refreshed. It comes with 40 cotton textured pads, that are rubbed all over the face until the pad runs dry. They do feel slightly harsher on skin that your average exfoliater, but I've experienced no redness sensitivity.

At £30 a pop, it may seem a little expensive for 40 pads,but using them twice a week they'll last you 4/5 months. And a little tip, I like to cut mine in half, they work just as we'll and you really only need half to do the whole face! Though its easy to become addicted to using them more than twice a week, as your skin feels so soft, I wouldn't recommend it, you can over-do these things !

So, to the big question, do they really brighten the skin? Well I've only been using them about 3 weeks and my skin definitely looks clearer, not all convinced on the brighter part. I'm going to continute using them twice a week for the next month or so, and I'll post a little update !

I think I would definitely repurchase again, as I think they're well worth the money and leave my skin feeling completely smooth and resurfaced !


Have you tried these pads? What are your thoughts?


Aimee x


Sunday, 24 March 2013

Weekend post #1

So I woke up Friday morning for work, looked out the window, and was amazed to see a blanket of snow! The whole front yard was covered and there was no way I was able to get to work.
So I ate, drank tea, and caught up on some breaking bad, before deciding to dig myself out and try and venture to richs. We spent the majority of the weekend digging out the snow and being little piglets!
I'm now exhausted, and having a well deserved peroni :)
Hope everyone else had a fan weekend !
Amee xx


Friday, 22 March 2013

Snippets #1 my bedroom

Book collection



Makeup/skincare storage

Wishlist #1

Friday favourites.

Laura Mercier silk Creme foundation (£33)

So I discovered this foundation about six months ago, reading various reviews. headed to space NK, got matched up by the sales assistant and instantly fell in love!
As I've said before, I have acne prone skin which can be a nightmare to work with, and to find a foundation that doesn't irritate my skin, covers blemishes and looks natural can be quite difficult. This foundation ticks all the boxes !
It's easy to work with, lasts all day and really covers all my lumps and bumps. I also like to layer it up with mac fix+ spray on the days where my skin isn't at it's best.
It's such a good coverage, yet my skin doesn't look caked, it looks so natural! I'd say its well worth the money, and lasts forever.. A little goes a long way.
I really would recommend this to anyone, it's my all time favourite foundation...for now !
Have you tried any Laura Mercier products? What are your thoughts?

Aimee x

Thursday, 21 March 2013

Three steps to clear skin

Liz Earle Deep Cleaning Mask (£14.50)
REN Glycolactic renewal mask (£30)
Origins Drink up mask (£20)

So, I suffer something terrible with my acne. Most of the time I can keep it under control with my usual daily skincare routine, but occasionally I have one of those days where it seems like nothing will clear it.
Anyone who suffers with acne will understand, it's very difficult to control, and keep calm. But I've found this combination of products works a treat when you have one of those days when your skin is just playing up!
I'll go more in depth about each product in future reviews...But here's a quick overview;

I start of using the Liz Earle Deep Cleansing Mask, to pull out any rubbish clogging my skin. Don't leave it on too long though, as it tends to get a little irritable. Wash off with warm water, and leave your skin to rest half an hour or so.
Then I move on to my REN Glycolactic radiance renewal mask (my all time favorite mask). Leave this beauty on for ten minutes, and your skin will feel incredible! It has a lovely fruity scent, and you can really feel it working! Once your ten minutes are up, use a muslin cloth to wipe the mask off.. Enjoy your fabulous soft skin!
I use my Origins Drink up mask after the first two, as it really does take a lot our of your skin! It does feel clear and resurfaced, but also dehydrated. This mask is incredible for re-hydration and just compliments the first two masks
Once i'm done with my three-way facial, I use my Origins make a Difference plus+ moisturizer.

What do you find works when you're having a bad skin day?

Wednesday, 20 March 2013

High street haul

Mac studio sculpt (£24)
Lip liner in auburn (£11.50)
Lip stick (£14)
Gel eye liner (£14)
Origins make a difference plus+(£33)
Origins clean energy cleanser (£19)
Origins brighter by nature pads (30)
Topshop comic burnout joggers (£25)
Black skinny belt (£16)
Top shop speckle roll sleeve dress (£26)
Necklace (£2.50)

So after work one afternoon I decided to pop into Chester for a little window shopping (yeah, right!) and ended up coming back with all of this, it does mean I'm going to be poor for the next few weeks, but I'd say its worth it! I'm probably going to put up a few reviews on some of the origins products I bought, as two of them I'm yet to try out!maybe even do a post or two on some of the mac bits..though I'm not entirely impressed with studio sculpt so far....but more on that later !