Sunday, 7 April 2013

Origins Brighter by Nature High Potency peel pads

I hadn't read any reviews on this product before I bought it, which is rare for me, ass I don't usually splurge on anything like this without reading a few reviews. But on speaking to the lady at the origins counter in Boots Chester, and describing what my skin was like (combination/acne prone) she was very enthusiastic about this product, and I can see why!

It's not specically for anyone who suffers from acne or problem skin, but its one of the best finds I've had in recent months. It completely smooths the skin and makes it feel so refreshed. It comes with 40 cotton textured pads, that are rubbed all over the face until the pad runs dry. They do feel slightly harsher on skin that your average exfoliater, but I've experienced no redness sensitivity.

At £30 a pop, it may seem a little expensive for 40 pads,but using them twice a week they'll last you 4/5 months. And a little tip, I like to cut mine in half, they work just as we'll and you really only need half to do the whole face! Though its easy to become addicted to using them more than twice a week, as your skin feels so soft, I wouldn't recommend it, you can over-do these things !

So, to the big question, do they really brighten the skin? Well I've only been using them about 3 weeks and my skin definitely looks clearer, not all convinced on the brighter part. I'm going to continute using them twice a week for the next month or so, and I'll post a little update !

I think I would definitely repurchase again, as I think they're well worth the money and leave my skin feeling completely smooth and resurfaced !


Have you tried these pads? What are your thoughts?


Aimee x